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Actualización de Hojas de Datos (Data Sheets) Prevención de Pérdida de Propiedades de FM Global – Febrero de 2023

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Para reducir los riesgos en edificaciones en desarrollo, nuevas y construidas, es importante contar con pautas de ingeniería comprobadas. Las hojas de datos de FM GLOBAL se constituyen como el material de referencia más importante a nivel mundial para prevenir perdidas en las propiedades.

Estos estrictos estándares ayudan a reducir la posibilidad de pérdida de propiedad debido a incendios, condiciones climáticas y fallas de equipos eléctricos o mecánicos. Incorporan casi 200 años de experiencia en pérdidas de propiedad, resultados de investigación e ingeniería, así como aportaciones de comités de normas de consenso, fabricantes de equipos y otros.

En febrero de 2023 se llevó a cabo la más reciente actualización de las Data Sheets de FM Global, puedes conocer los nuevos documentos en este enlace.

De manera especial, recomendamos revisar las siguientes Hojas de Datos:

  • Roof-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Panels
  • Fire Protection System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
  • Flow and Pressure Regulating Devices for Fire Protection Service
  • Foam Extinguishing Systems
  • Natural Gas and Gas Piping
  • Chemical Process Industries and sub-occupancy standards A to H
  • Commodity Classification
  • Roll Paper Storage

Para consultar los últimos documentos actualizados te recomendamos filtrar el contenido de FM Global por fecha de publicación desde la más reciente, de esta forma podrás identificar fácilmente las nuevas data sheets.

Consulta y descarga las Hojas de Datos de FM Global a través de este enlace.

Listado de Normas actualizadas en Febrero de 2023.

DS 1-15Roof-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic PanelsInterim revision.
• Added guidance related to the recommended wind Importance Factor (IF).
• Guidance related to minimum and maximum roof slopes has been clarified.
• Added recommendations related to fire concerns, as supported by loss experience.
DS 1-17Reflective Wall and Ceiling Insulation (new title)Full revision.
• The title was changed to “Reflective Wall and Ceiling Insulation.”
• Removed guidance for non-FM Approved reflective insulations installed at existing buildings.
DS 1-22Maximum Foreseeable LossInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 1-34Hail DamageInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made to the legends on Figures C-1, D-1 and D-2.
• Added guidance on selecting skylights and heat and smoke vents with VSH and SH+ ratings. See Appendix A for details.
DS 1-35Vegetative Roof Systems, Occupied Roof Areas & Decks (new title)Interim revision.
• The title was changed to “Vegetative Roof Systems, Occupied Roof Areas and Decks.”
• Added guidance for growth media when the windspeed is greater than or equal to 100 mph (63 m/s).
• Added guidance for intensive vegetative roof systems including decks and when areas are elevated above the roof assembly.
DS 1-42Maximum Foreseeable Loss Limiting FactorsInterim revision.
• A recommendation has been added to avoid mass engineered timber as part of an MFL wall.
DS 1-44Damage-Limiting ConstructionInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 2-81Fire Protection System Inspection, Testing and MaintenanceInterim revision.
• Clarified the required testing frequency of manual fire protection system control valves in Section 2.4.2 and Table 3.
• Added references to the installation and acceptance testing data sheets for special protection systems.
• Incorporated inspection, testing and maintenance guidance from Data Sheet 4-12, Foam Extinguishing Systems, Section 2.7 into Section 2.11.3.
DS 3-11Flow and Pressure Regulating Devices for Fire Protection ServiceInterim revision.
• Renamed Section 2.3 to Protection.
• Relocated existing sections 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 to Section 2.3, Protection.
• Updated installation guidance for pressure reducing valves in system designs.
DS 4-12Foam Extinguishing SystemsInterim revision.
• Modified recommendations in Section 2.4.3, Foam Concentrate to address the application of Synthetic Fluorine Free Foam (SFFF) and Alcohol-Resistant Synthetic Fluorine Free Foam (AR-SFFF) when protecting non-polar (hydrocarbons) and polar (water-miscible) ignitable liquids.
• Provided viscosity information in Section 2.5.4, Foam Concentrate Proportioners and Section 3.4.5, Foam Concentrate Proportioning Methods.
• Revised Table 4 of Section, Alternate Test Methods to include NoFoam, La Jolla, California, USA and the Vector Fire Technologies, Tucson, Arizona, USA locations.
DS 5-3Hydroelectric PowerInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 5-12Electric AC GeneratorsInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 5-25High Voltage Direct Current Converter StationsInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 5-32Data Centers and Related FacilitiesInterim revision.
• Updated recommendations in Section 2.4.4 to allow equipment using Li-ion batteries in distributed power systems of data processing equipment to be protected with automatic water mist systems.
• Made editorial updates to figures in Section 2.8.1, Electrical Distribution System and Section 3.4.1, Electrical Power Distribution.
DS 6-17Rotary Kilns and DryersInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 7-4Paper Machines and Pulp DryersInterim revision.
• Added allowance for loss of compressed air interlock for a closed shoe press/calender.
• Revised oil and fluid selection for machine oil systems.
• Replaced bulk oil release concept with specific oil hazard protection methodologies along with associated scenario and LE guidance.
DS 7-20Oil CookersInterim revision.
• Revised guidance in Section for the water supply duration for FM Approved water mist systems used on oil cookers with an oil depth greater than 5 in. (13 cm).
• Added guidance in Section 2.9.1 for power supplies for water mist systems and foam concentrate pumps.
DS 7-29Ignitable Liquid Storage in Portable ContainersInterim revision.
• Added protection guidance in Table for the rack storage of liquids with a flash point < 200°F (93°C) in 5 oz. (150 ml) or less plastic containers.
• Added protection guidance for glycerin.
• Added protection guidance for rack storage of very high flash point liquids stored in composite intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) on plastic pallets.
DS 7-39Lift TrucksInterim revision.
• Updated guidance for li-ion battery powered trucks.
• Updated the definition for ignitable liquids to align with Data Sheet 7-32, Ignitable Liquid Operations.
DS 7-54Natural Gas and Gas PipingInterim revision.
• Added recommendations for location of compressed natural gas supply trailers and modules (Section 2.2.15).
DS 7-106Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic PowerInterim revision.
• Added guidance for separation between solar arrays and fire exposures.
• Added guidance for construction of ancillary buildings.
• Added guidance for fire department access.
DS 7-110Industrial Control SystemsInterim revision.
• Clarified fire protection recommendations.
• Clarified ICS management recommendations.
• Clarified and modified ICS security recommendations.
DS 7-111Chemical Process Industries and sub-occupancy standards A to HInterim revision.
• Includes a new section and guidance for natural hazards events in chemical plants.
• Added new windstorm recommendations applicable to process structures, vessels, piping and equipment with emphasis on insulation and asset integrity elements.
DS 8-1Commodity ClassificationInterim revision.
• Added guidance on how to treat partial packaging in Section
• Added guidance on how to treat wooden crates for external packaging in Section
• Added guidance for encapsulated product in Section
DS 8-21Roll Paper StorageInterim revision.
• Added pre-incident plan recommendations to human element in Section 2.4.
• Added supporting material related to on-end storage of RP 1 in Section and Section 3.3.
• Added definition of semi-standard array to Appendix A.
DS 8-34Protection for Automatic Storage and Retrieval SystemsInterim revision.
• A new ceiling sprinkler system design for ceiling heights up to an d including 30 ft (9.1 m) was added in the Final Extinguishment section for top-loading ASRS storage arrangements.
• Added guidance on the intended goal of an adequately vented open-top container to Section 2.2.4 and Appendix A.
• New figures were added to Section 2.3.6 to clarify that the recommended mezzanines did not have to extend along the entire perimeter of the storage array.
DS 9-3USA and Canada (excl. Puerto Rico) Cost TrendsUpdated as of January 2023.
DS 9-10Rest of World Cost TrendsUpdated as of January 2023.
DS 10-1Pre-Incident and Emergency Response PlanningInterim revision.
• Minor editorial changes were made.
DS 13-17Gas TurbinesInterim revision.
• Added recommendations to provide continuous online turbine rotor wheel space or disc-cavity temperature alarm for elevated temperatures.
• Added recommendations to provide independent backup power systems for lubrication pumps and guidance on backup battery capacity to align with Data Sheet 13-3, Steam Turbines.
• Added a recommendation to manually rotate a hot rotor to prevent rotor bowing when no lube oil or turning gear is available.

Consultar las Hojas de Datos de FM Global.

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